Sunday, 2 June 2013

Celebrities Who Worship The Devil

Before we SHOW you that the influence Satan has over this planet is everywhere, we need to lay down a few basics so you know where you are at! Please click the following link, it shows you symbols that are used in Satan worship, and to praise the devil.

The Satanic Signs.

Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto

The following is an excerpt from the "Satanic Bible"...
Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto:

This gesture is the Satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups. 

Many people will say oh your a conspiracy theorist nut job.. because you believe these signs prove these people are satanic, but these people are just uneducated on the facts behind the people throwing up these signs and the meaning they give the sign... because a scoffer says this does not represent it a satanic salute... IT CLEARLY DOES.. and its to the untrained mind a harmless rock on sign.. but the rock on movement took it from the satanic origins! so be not deceived people, this along with plenty of other facts show you these people are where they are because of Satan worship.. research it just a tiny bit before you say its not true.

So they know the true intent of these symbols, but you don't, Lets look at some Satan Worshippers giving their "God" praise...

<< Kid Rock Loves The Devil
<< Barack Obama, Don't be shocked, he is a known Freemason

“We have to shape an “International Order” that can meet the challenges of our generation. The U.S. must shape a “(New) World Order” as reliant on the force of diplomacy as on the might of its military to lead.” ~ Obama
Obama in 2008 in Berlin ~ “But the burdens of “Global Citizenship” continue to bind us together. I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen – a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow “Citizen of the World.” People of Berlin – people of the world – this is our moment. This is our time.”

<< Sarah Palin, They are everywhere

<< If you are even shocked by this your not paying close enough attention, Bill Clinton

<< George Bush - Entire Family Satanic, Devil Worshippers

Notice Satan's Handsign
Its in Movies, Its Everywhere
French President Sarkozy
Prince William, The Entire Royal Family take part in Devil Worship and Human Sacrifice, Princess Diana was a human Sacrifice after she gave birth to the offspring!
Dick Cheyney,  Lucifer put him where he is
Mccartney, Clinton, Bush... All worshipping the same devil
<<Marvel Comics (Illuminati) 
Italian Prime minister Berlusconi

Anton LaVey - Founder of the Church of Satan - Notice the Hand sign



Drake, This man is actually a homosexual, and sold out for the riches of the world, saluting satan with the Illuminati eye and also the 666 gesture.
Seriously do not let this man fool you, he worships Satan, "I'm Connected to a Higher Power" are his actual lyrics, when he writes, he often gets possessed by demonic spirits, and they will write and rap for him, this is a common practice in the satanic music industry.
Extremley Satanic and Demon Possesed Lady Gaga, whos lyrics are often attacking the Bible, and openly defying God, here she is sporting the 666 symbol, the devil has her soul.

She is a slave to the Devil

This Photo shows Mccartney on the left doing a satanic hand gesture that represents 666, the three fingers being the top of the 6's and on the right John Lennon showing his true allegiance to Satan.

The Pope is another Illuminati designated puppet, well aware of the Satanic and true agenda our world is heading.

OK let's make a quick comparison!
Here is a picture of a devout satanist!

Now this satanist is clearly open about her worship of the devil.
Lets look at a satanist who is not as open about it.

This Satanist on the other hand, is pretending to be a Christian, as well as pretending to be an American Born Citizen, he was actually born in Kenya, weird that he is the president.

Lets look at another million of these celebrities exposing who there master is, and this page will be updated continuously.

Sad Truth that Jack Black is part of these Devil Worshipers

Rihanna, Ofcourse, The devil has her soul and she will answer to God one day.

This is one other common satanic gesture that people throw up unknowingly every day because they see these role models doing it, it means 666 and is a worship sign of satan.

Every finger denotes a 6 and the curve you make at the bottom with your thumb is the bottom of all three 6's.

Lets look at a few scum bags showing who they sold out to.

Justin Bieber sold out.

Michael Jackson been a victim all his life.

Drake - clearly happy at the success the devil has given him

Mind Control - Britney Spears is a controlled mind, probably the same here.

Katy Perry quoted as saying "and so i sold my soul to the devil" - likely MK ultra mind control programmed as well

Beyonce - Jay-z has took her soul, and gave it to his master the devil.

Justin Timberlake has been a slave since childhood.

33 Free Mason T-Pain 666
Devil's bitch

Pink 666
Pink - Satanic

Kid Cudi 666
Kid Cudi giving worship

Neyo, Order of Cosmos/Dragon/Baphomet salute, All Seeing Eye, 666
Ne-yo throwing up baphomet and 666


Madonna 666, As Above So Below
Madonna - SHE IS HOACHING OF DEMONIC INFLUENCE, seriously she was the old princess of the Illuminati, this picture denotes "as above, so below" with the 666's

Chris Brown wearing a Diamond (Jewel Programming) hat with checkered shirt and 666
Chris Brown saluting the master

Gwen Stefani 666 and all seeing eye
Gwen Stefani - 666 clear as day

Justin Timberlake 666 and all seeing eye.
Justin Timberlake again better angle.


  1. So so sad. Praying for them all.

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